Information for Physicians


As a Physician, you may be asked to give an opinion on a client’s fitness to drive and usually have no problem in doing so. There are cases where, because of the complexity of the disability, you may have difficulty in providing an opinion. In these cases Larry Bowen Driver Rehab Inc. can assist you by providing objective information which you can use to make an informed decision. Larry Bowen Driver Rehab Inc. will not only help you in determining fitness to drive but also with the steps you client will be required to take to be retrained using special adaptations, retested through the motor vehicle branch, relicensed with the appropriate restrictions, and have their vehicle set up for their specific needs.

Who should be referred:

  • clients 16 years or older
  • clients that have had a stroke and have recovered but you are not sure if they are ready to return to driving
  • clients requiring special adaptations to the primary driving controls
  • clients who are recovering from a head injury
  • young client with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy.
  • clients looking for a transport vehicle (ie. Mini Van)
  • clients who have a physical or cognitive deficit and would like to return to professional truck driving

If you have questions concerning your clients appropriateness for assessment please contact us.

In all cases a physician’s referral is required.

How to make a referral: 
If you have a client that could use this service, you can make a referral using the referral form provided on this site.