Steps To Get You Driving

Steps to Get You Driving

You may have recently become disabled due to accident or illness, or you may have had a disability for a while. There are four basic steps to getting on the road. The first and most important step is to get assessed. Some people skip this step and this causes problems later. After investing time and money picking a vehicle and modifications these people discover that they have to start that process all over again or they discover that they will not be able to drive at all. One way or another, make sure you start at step one.

Step One: Get Assessed

Find out about the assessment process and what it will look like for a person with your type of disability. Once a certified driver rehab specialist has assessed your ability to operate a motor vehicle and determine what kinds of training and modifications you will need, then you can move on. Read about getting assessed.

Step Two: Get Trained

Depending on your disability this could be a long or short process. If the assessment indicates that you are likely to be able to operate a motor vehicle with some training and aids then you will begin the training. At the end of the training you will have to pass a driving test. Read about getting trained.

Step Three: Take Your Driver’s Test

Find out about the driver’s test and what will be involved for someone with your disability. We may have some tips in here for you to think about when preparing for your test. Read about taking your driver’s test.

Step Four: Choose a Vehicle

Many vehicles can be modified to use driving aids for disabled people. Depending on the disability, your options could be more limited since only certain vehicles can accept more complex modifications like lifts. It’s important that you do not jump ahead and start the process of selecting and purchasing a vehicle until you have been assessed and completed your training. Up until the time that you pass your test, there is no guarantee that you will be able to get on the road. You may be able to modify your current vehicle or you may need to purchase a new one. One way or another, this section will help you with the process. Read about choosing a vehicle