Step Four: Choose a Vehicle

There are lots of details that you will have to consider when choosing a vehicle for transport and/or for driving if you have a disability. This is an area where the driver rehab specialist will guide you. Your driver rehab specialist will be familiar with your disability and all of the options available when it comes to vehicles and adaptations.

When you will choose your vehicle

You may have already selected and purchased a vehicle before you had a formal driver assessment. Sometimes this has worked out but in other cases it has not as the vehicle chosen was not appropriate and could not be modified as needed. This can be a costly error and can be avoided by having a proper assessment done early in the process. By having a driver assessment you will be informed if you will be a driver or not, you will be given a non biased opinion as to the types of vehicles, modification and adaptaions that are available for your particular situation. If it is clear that you are not able to drive, you may have a vehicle consultation to determine what vehicle will be best for your dependent transportation needs. If you are not able to drive at this time but with rehab you will drive in the future your driver rehab specialist will help you choose a vehicle for transport now but that can be modified at a later date for your independent driving.

If you don’t require a special vehicle for transport then you will likely do the vehicle assessment later on in the process after you have had your abilities assessed, completed your on road training and passed th on road test.

In all cases the driver rehab specialist will work with you to come up with a prescription for an appropriate vehicle/modifications and equipment for your specific needs. A prescription will be generated for either you to take to vendors for bids or for the particular sponsor you are working with ie.ICBC, WorkSafeBC, etc..

You can see that an assessment early on can help you make informed and cost effective decisions regarding your transportation needs.